Grey Clouds And Bad Storms

It’s amazing how storms can make things change,

Grey clouds bring hard rains,

Maybe I should have paid more attention to the forecast,

I guess for this flood I’m to blame.

I should have had my umbrella ready,

The generator waiting just in case the lights would go out,

The sky told the story,

but my eyes didn’t warn my mouth.

I know this is a strange way to apologize,

And I can’t make relationship analogies with rain and hope your mind would change.

However, you are my sunshine and I want to spend every night,

Holding your frame,

Whispering your name like the morning before the hurricane winds,

Keeping you warm like when the A.C. is out after the storm ends.

Be your shoulder through it all,

I didn’t want this to be only a season,

I wanted to do more than just fall,

I wanted us to last forever,

Fight and make it work,

Be the one to help you fight every battle,

By showing you your worth.

They say love is a 9 to 5,

Well, baby, I am here to work.

I know I’m not a healer but I’m

Willing to get you past all past hurt.

I have your raincoat, rain boots and anything else all here,

I will carry you across any puddle,

I promise you our Sunny days are near.  

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