The IPA Beer That Led To A Kiss (This is From One Of My Other Blog Sites)

This post was influenced by an Indian pale ale beer.

The night ended with a kiss.

The way it started was a tad bit different. We had an argument and it was actually one that I didn’t win. We, being my girlfriend and I. She told me to leave and I wanted to go so, I obliged.

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I acted as if I wanted to stay but I already knew it was half-priced drinks night at the bar so my destination was set before I walked out of the door. While I was driving, some Nicki Minaj song came on and I was so tired of hearing that song mainly because it was one of my girlfriends favorites and she kept it on repeat.

I got to the bar and it was oddly empty for a half-off night. I would have left, but I’m cheap. The only other patron at the bar was leaving out as I was walking in. It was just me and the bartender.

“What are you having?” she asked

I replied “What IPA do you have on draft?” because I’m cheap –  but not cheap enough to drink beer that isn’t fancy.

She said, “Oh you’re one of those” . I had no idea what that meant but I just agreed so she could leave me alone.

She handed me my beer, she said it’s 8% ABV . I took a sip and it was pretty nasty, but I’m a beer expert so I just kept my cool.

It was pretty quite in there. I was looking at the internet on my phone and she was obviously fussing with someone on hers. When she was done, she asked me if I was good. I asked her the same thing. She said “Men” I laughed and said “women”..

I asked her her name and she said Nicki, we talked for a few more minutes and, the more we talked, the more beautiful her words became. Either that or it was the beer that I was drinking .

Her phone rang, and she walked off to answer it. You could tell by her face that she was getting mad at whatever was being said to her.

Another bartender came in and Nicki was about to get off . The new bartender put on some music from the juke box and the first song that came on was the Nicki Minaj song that annoyed me so much. I started singing the song and as I looked up Nicki was singing the song too. We laughed . She said, “I’m about to get off. Can I sit and have a drink with you?” I said “Sure.”

As she sat down, my arm hit my glass and my drink fell over. We laughed and ordered some shots along with a beer flight.

We sat there for maybe an hour. She looked at her phone and said, “Sorry, but I have to leave.” She looked at me and gave me the most beautiful kiss as she got up from the seat. When she was leaving I was about to crack a joke abut her forgetting to pay her part of the bill. I looked up, smiling as I extended my hand with the check, I said, “Nikki”. When she turned around, it was my woman asking ME who the fuck is Nikki and why am I fully dressed sleeping on the sofa with a spilled can of beer on her rug.

The night ended with a kiss in my dream but with me being slapped sober in reality . Drink responsibly people.

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