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Is It Fair To Use Lil Boosie’s Lyrics Against Him In Court?!

Al Pacino played Scarface in a movie. Does that mean he really sold drugs, killed people and talked with a horrible accent? Jay Z said that he could sell water to a whale. Do you honestly believe that he can sell water to a whale? With that being said, movies and hip-hop are forms of story telling (as talked about in a previous post) and art not necessarily a diary or a way to vent. Hip-hop artist Lil Boosie will have his lyrics from one of his songs used against him in his upcoming trial. Boosie is accused of hiring a hit man to carry out the murder of another Baton Rouge man in 2009.

While I’m not saying whether the rapper is innocent or guilty, I am asking, is it fair to use a person’s art against them in court? The song that the prosecution wants to use contains the lyrics “187,” “murk,” and “cake,” as they feel those words are basically the rapper’s confession. If this is the best evidence the prosecution can find, then we really can’t be surprised to see them reach like this.

Terrance Hatch aka Lil Boosie’s trial is set to begin on Monday, April 30. Do you feel it is fair to use his lyrics against him? Or do you feel it’s wrong?

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