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Gold Diggers And Ducks (Ms.Independent and Mr.I Don’t Love’em)

The dream man for some women is a duck and by duck I mean a weak ass dude that is basically the carpet to a female’s stilettos. For some reason it seems as if some women just love a weak ass man. They don’t necessarily love him with their hearts, but they love the thought of what he can do for them. Just imagine, in the day of the independent woman, the majority of the so-called “independent” ones are looking for a trick. It seems like these women are so focused on what he can do for them that they are not willing to wait and see what he’ll be willing to do for them. Now I can’t fully blame the women because they get this f*cked up misconception from somewhere and yes, I know where. They get it from these duck ass dudes. The same dudes running around talking about they don’t love ’em or “M.O.B” are the same ones that are making it bad for the dudes that aren’t trying to spoil these grown, “independent”, money grabbing leeches. These dudes buy bottles for a phone number, pay car notes for a visit and pay rent for a piece of ass. You dudes are ruining our women and you’re ruining it for other men. I know they say “It aint tricking if you got it”, but that’s what’s wrong with this stupid ass generation now. It’s cool to run around putting your mouth on every piece of sweaty warmth (that blog topic is coming soon) and it’s cool to spend your kid’s back to school or birthday money on a female that doesn’t give a f*ck about you.

I can understand taking her out to dinner and getting to know her, but you guys and the ones like you have it to where these fake, bourgeois females aren’t happy with a regular meal. They want to go see Emeril throw wine on steaks while they sit there looking at a menu with food they can’t pronounce the name of. I mean hey, it’s on you how you live your life. My cheap ass can’t judge. But I just hate to see people so out of reality with themselves and feeling that they have to fake the funk for others to accept them. Duck dudes that pretend to be big dawgs and gold digging women that pretend to be
i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t, you all belong together.
That’s All I Have.


  1. posted by
    Tammi Lorraine
    Aug 9, 2011

    Yes but men don’t want women that are about something. Women that will support, love, respect them and won’t want them to pop bottles because she rather him be debt free and if the budget allows for it, she’d be satisfied with him popping a bottle at home.

    Women like that get dogged out and over looked unfortunately. I’ve seen it and even experienced it. For some reason this/my generation of men like the women who claim independence but when you look at all she has someone bought it for her. Not sure if they see it as a challenge or maybe it makes them feel needed. Who knows. Shoot I’m rethinking this whole “good” women thing because these Gold Diggers as you say stay having a man.

    As always Sonn great post.

  2. posted by
    SONNIE_INKSTAR @Sonnie_inkstar
    Aug 12, 2011

    Thanks, Yea I admit the good are overlooked but please don’t become one of those

    peep this one

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