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Husband Gives Wife Amnesia From Sex


I know it’s immature to brag about sex with someone or about your sex life in general and I’m totally against it, but if I put it down to where you lose your memory, then baby we’re going on Tyra to talk about this.

I read a report on abcnews.com where a 54 year-old woman suffered from a case of amnesia after having sex with her husband. This guy’s pre-sex meal had to be a double stacked Viagra, a glass of hot milk and lettuce to do this super hero type of damage. Here’s the quote from the article….

A case study published in the September issue of the Journal of Emergency Medicine reported that a 54-year old woman experienced memory loss after having sex with her husband. The patient came into the Georgetown University Hospital emergency department, complaining she could not recall anything 24 hours before climaxing.

Can you imagine the trash her husband was talking to her on their way to the hospital? I bet he’s the man at his barber shop, unless a story breaks that he really just bumped her head on the floor, but until then he’s the man. Ok, I’m going get my blue pill, hot milk and lettuce meal so I can work towards making my Tyra show appearance.


One Night Only

Put you on the table

Got your ass on the place mat

Eat that dessert before dinner

Your moan says you like that

Watch your body rattle

Doing that orgasm shake

Look you in your eyes

as I wipe your crumbs off my face

You get on your knees

Like your about to give me head

I tell you turn around

I wanna meet your guts instead

I like you from the back

You’re always warm like tea

I’m just ready to stick this dick in you

So I can burn these calories

Smack you on your rear

Pull your hair

Rub your back

I’m a pro at this shit

So don’t worry about your tracks

I just wanna make sure you’re pleased

Keep a smile on your face

They say good sex makes a happy home

So I know I’m not the one you can replace

Str8 Fuc*ing is Love making

Your thighs taste like candy
Hopefully your lips do too
Your body is made of sugar
And I have a sweet tooth
I’m a fiend for that cream
And seeing you shake like you do
From the window to the wall
I’ll be straight f*cking you

Hair pulling, back grabbing
Damn you scratched ya dude up
Sit on my lap in the chair
Face me
Take it, don’t curl up

Oh I’m sorry is that too rough?

Would you like to take it slow
kiss you from your neck
To your feet
Lay you on your back,
slide in
let you catch 10
And go to sleep

You see, I aim to please
My touch would buckle your knees

When I’m not around,
Your gonna fantasize about what happened
under those sheets

And whatever reminds you of me
Will get you soaked
needing a new dry off technique

Cus when you’re not here, I see you in my dreams
I’m surprised you don’t randomly orgasm
From the nasty shyt I do to you in my sleep

The neighbors don’t know my name,
Cus you’re always gripping that pillow with your teeth
Sweetie you will never be a vegan
Because I will always bring you this meat