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Writings and poetry from inkstarzz

Walk Away

All I wanted was my space,

maybe a little peace of mind

Not to be treated like a cheater

Because I didn’t report my times

The chance to be me

And not forced to be someone else

How can one call that love

When one can’t let love work for itself

I wanted to make you feel special

Wanted to show you your worth

Wanted to take you across the world

Never wanted to see you hurt

Always tried to make you smile

Did I ever succeed?

Or did I only cause stress

And deny you of your wants and needs?

Although it hurts to walk away

I feel it’ll hurt more if I stay

How can you have better nights

If you’re shedding tears everyday

I guess it’s time for us to go our separate ways

Maybe soon we’ll meet again

Just know I’ll always appreciate you

And thank you for understanding why this had to come to an end


True Love (looking for a better title)

Start the day on your mind

And end it in your mouth

I love how my name sounds when you yell it out

Kiss you on your lips

Massage your body with my finger tips

Dip N Pits in that______

As you slowly roll your hips

can the feeling get any better

Making love to the one you love

Where you can feel the passion I possess

Through the sincerity of every hug

Where my words make you moist

And I melt you with my hands

They can keep those one night stands

I aimed to be a true friend

I aimed to be your man

I aimed for your mind soul and heart

Your body was the prize I earned at the end

Backs Against The Wall

Man times is hard
All my homies’ backs against the wall
Swinging at these f*ckin’ devils
Praying that we can knock ‘em off
People think cus they see glitter
That it really means it’s shining
See that’s the problem with the world
can’t tell a cubic from a diamond
It’s so hard trying to focus on grinding
When your stomach growling
And bank account declining
Chicks don’t wanna holla unless
You’re on some big wheels
materialistic broads always the first to claim they real
It’s like we’re walking through glass without any shoes on
You see blood on your feet but somehow you gotta stay strong
Somehow you gotta keep going and make it to the end
We’re gonna make it out this hole
And see the top again
I promise

He want that Facebook/Twitter girl

Facebook girl
Damn I been wanting you for a minute,
Years removed from school
and I’m still wishing I could hit it
I see you in my sleep
Come on and pop up in my chat
So I can secretly tell you How I wanna tap you from the back
You know you see me throwing hints on my status updates
F*ck the fact that we’re in different states
Your body’s calling me
Girl this d*ck is your fate
It doesn’t matter what I did back in the day
How I used to talk to your friends
Or if my homie wanted to holla
F*ck that, it was then
Right now I’m trying to be real
Let me know what you wanna do
Click “like” on my status
So ya boi can poke you
Now you girl,
You’re so fine and I don’t mind saying it
But damn what the hell are you doing playing around
on Black Planet?
I would try to holla but you’re too old school
Step yo’ social networking up and I’ll be back to get at you

Whoaaa! I heard about you posted up in your swim suit
The only problem is…..
no one else sees you
I understand you want your own space
but even Tom abandoned this
I know you wanna be a model, but Myspace was sooo ’06
Girl pack up your pics, go to “Profile” and delete
Come and find ya boi once you get on FB
Twitter girl
I don’t know where you’re from
And I don’t know where you’re at
But I’m loving on that when I hit you always you hit back
Your avi is real cute
Girl your smile is the shyt
Everyday when I sign on
I’m clicking on your twit pic
I wanna send you a DM and tell you to hit me on Skype
We can flirt all day, but that Twitter After Dark gonna get your mind rite
We can take some time away from Twitter
You can finally hear my words
You see you don’t have to tweet
And you can still see my bird
My bad
I didn’t mean to disrespect
But if I want it imma get it
Check my zodiac facts
I favorite all your tweet
RT all your trending topics
Now girl take my #
So we can get this shyt poppin’
I know you have a lot of followers
So you have your choice of options
But once you start to @ ME
I bet those smileys won’t be stoppin’


The Neighbors Know Her Name

I bet the neighbors know her name how I be yelling it all night
Ugh yall so nasty,
I bet u thought I was talking about sex
But I love her and true love is much more complex

You see she’s my best friend willing to point me to my wrongs
Keep me strong like spinach and be my backbone
Hold my inner thoughts without sharing them with the world
Beauty, brains, love,trust
I am honored she’s my girl

I remember when we first met, the world tried to tear us apart
But that smile won me over and a BEAUTY won my heart,

They put rumors in her ear saying “girl he aint shyt”
But she knows shyt from sugar, that’s why she stuck with it

That’s what makes her smart, it’s like f*ck what others have to say
She knows I’m the one that put the smiles on her face
We can talk all night on any topic that there is and she gives me knowledge
Her BRAINS are the shyyyyt

I LOVE her more than life because she understands me and she never ever ever tries to make me be what I won’t be

She appreciates my style, wit, charisma, and charm
She can see me with another chick and she won’t be alarmed
She knows I’m her man and that I’m hers to stay
With that type of TRUST why would anybody stray

With that said
The neighbors don’t know her name From how her head and a** makes me scream and shout
but because I’m proud of what I have and she’s all I talk about

What the Bullet would Do

I hate that your mouth is pressed against mine
But I promise it’s the best
Maybe because you’re breathing air into my collapsed lungs from this
bullet in my chest
I knew I was living wrong but didn’t think I would end up in this mess
Wanted to be a thug, now I have to leave my family with this stress
Who’s going take care of the bills?
What about my record deal?
What if my team finally wins?
Why didn’t I think of all of this then?
Why did they have to shoot?
Damn that karma shyt was the truth
Why didn’t I ask for forgiveness for my sins?
Why must my life come to an end?
What is my girl gonna do?
Why didn’t I let her know how I feel?
Why did I have to play that role
and not tell her my love was real?
Why did I have to run these streets?
I stole these shoes and died with ‘em on my feet
Damn……momma told this wasn’t the life for me

Could’ve went to school,
got a job, played sports, did music, even picked up a trade
But no, I sold dope to impress
And no woman wants a dead man with a hole in his chest
I know it’s too late for me
But maybe my story can save you
When you think you wanna live the life of thug
Think about what the bullet could do

You Will Always Be My Queens

I think in everyone’s life, there’s that one female that gave them something that they will hold on to forever and I want to acknowledge and thank those ladies in mine…

“You Will Always Be My Queens”

Back in school no one knew how messed up I was in the head
That green had me tripping
Those lil girls would’ve left me dead
There was one lady that took the time to make me notice my truth
Looked me in my eyes and said Derrick that life is not for you
I wish you could see me now
Although I’m not everything I know I will be
But to see I found that path that was destined for me
You put the pen in my hand
And pointed me down the right road
Let me know I had a talent
That needed to be exposed
Told me to un-wrap my gift and share it with the world
You blessed me with the courage to know I didn’t have to be ignorant to be cool
You gave me knowledge and for that I thank you


You…. you caught me at the most difficult time of my life
Was damn near homeless at night
But you shedded that light
No one in the world knew how close I was to losing this fight
I played my hand wrong
But you
You were that one card I got right
It’s like I found that four-leaf clover
While walking through quick sand
And you grabbed my hand
And gave me reason to withstand
You conquered my heart
Therefore I’m a better man
From hurt to love
Through hugs in tears
I thank you
My life wouldn’t be the same without you here


My little queen,
Honestly you make the world spin
I remember when I first looked into your eyes
I vowed to be there til the end
They tried to keep us apart
But to my word I stand true
And I’d never seen an angel
Til the moment I saw you
You are the breath I breathe
You give me strength
You’re my reason to keep going
I’m more than your father
I’m your friend
I’ll give you the shirt off my back
The shoes off my feet
I’ll give my life to make sure you’re happy
When I see you, I see me
Words can’t explain
What I have in my heart for you
You give me reason to live
And for that I thank you


Although we fuss all the time
I am grateful for everything you’ve done
You raised me with morals and values
You’re the reason there’s a Sonn
I know I was hard to deal with
But you got it done
When it comes to parents
I feel there is no better one
They thought I was going crazy
Once my daddy passed away
But with you in my life
I knew I’d never go astray
I remember when I got that phone call
Saying you took a bullet to your head
I was ready to take my own life
I felt without you I was better off dead
I thank God for you everyday
You still teach me how to stand tall and be true
You gave the world greatness
On behalf of myself and them all
I thank you!

Str8 Fuc*ing is Love making

Your thighs taste like candy
Hopefully your lips do too
Your body is made of sugar
And I have a sweet tooth
I’m a fiend for that cream
And seeing you shake like you do
From the window to the wall
I’ll be straight f*cking you

Hair pulling, back grabbing
Damn you scratched ya dude up
Sit on my lap in the chair
Face me
Take it, don’t curl up

Oh I’m sorry is that too rough?

Would you like to take it slow
kiss you from your neck
To your feet
Lay you on your back,
slide in
let you catch 10
And go to sleep

You see, I aim to please
My touch would buckle your knees

When I’m not around,
Your gonna fantasize about what happened
under those sheets

And whatever reminds you of me
Will get you soaked
needing a new dry off technique

Cus when you’re not here, I see you in my dreams
I’m surprised you don’t randomly orgasm
From the nasty shyt I do to you in my sleep

The neighbors don’t know my name,
Cus you’re always gripping that pillow with your teeth
Sweetie you will never be a vegan
Because I will always bring you this meat


Nice skin long hair and always on her shit

If she bought or she grew it its hers that’s my New Orleans chick,

Nice smile but please don’t let that there fool’ya

Cus the day u play wit her that bitch’ll blues ya

Second lines or in the clubs now you can go just about anywhere

and you’ll hear that beat with a bad azz N.O chick rockin wit dat hand in the air

No matter what happens

N.O girls here to stay

But get ur money up homie

they live by that code of if you want it you need 2 pay

Freaks at nite

Str8 Ladies in the day

Them other hoes going hate

but they going watch what they say

cus them N.O girls don’t play

N quick 2 smack a bitch in the face

They call the niggas Trades

And if they talk about the shit then its some shit they’ll do

Damn its hard to pick which one u want

cus the juvies cold too

The old ones cold too

Damn N.O women I love u

N.O women I thank yall

For being this city’s backbone

I laugh at them niggas

When they hit the N.O thinking they the shit

And end up broke fucking with one of our chicks

what I love the most is

how our women they stay on that grind

them other lil chicks wouldn’t last a second in one of them long ass fema lines




I never knew this could be true, a man like me falling for a woman like you..

Look at you as a dream but not like Hakeem, you’re still a star, just on the wrong team

Your style is so rite, nice caramel skin, cute face, smile can light up anything dark as night

When I look at you I just wonder what can I do, Is it possible for a man like me to convert a woman like you

Every time I see you, yall together, I shake my head like, Yeah whatever, I can’t believe you can call that pleasure, And if you were with me, it’ll be whatever

I just want you to know what you get from home, I can do times two, but damn how can a man like me get a woman like you

Confront you without any words to say, but baby if you would’ve started with me, then with men you would’ve stayed

I know she makes you happy, but I can give you more than just mouth and time, You see all yall can do is bump and grind, but me, I can get deep inside

Your mind

make sure you’re secure and free, touch places you did’nt know you had, you know things that can only be done by man

So you should call your girl, and let her know she’s good at what she do

But tell her you need a man like me, instead of a woman like you