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21 Year Old Man Kicked Off Of His High School Football Team

A high school football player was kicked off of his team after only playing four games. Javier Jones who played for the Mt. Pleasant varsity football team, was supposed to be a a teenage student but was found out to be a full grown 21-year-old adult. The Morning Sun reported:


Donald Trump’s “Big Announcement “…..Dumb As We All Thought It Would Be

This guy Donald Trump is completely crazy. Trump made his “big announcement” today and it goes like this:

“If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications … and if he gives his passport applications and records I will give to a charity of his choice — Inner City Children of Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS Research … a check immediately for 5 million dollars.”


It’s a shame that these people are allowed to disrespect the President of the United States the way they do just because of their tax bracket.

How about this, here’s three things Donald Trump can to with his 5 Million if he really wants to help:

1) Donate to the charities without any stipulations

2) Split it up between Mitt Romney’s split personalities and force him to show his tax returns from the past 5 years along with his 5 point plan

3) Use the money to buy some class for the Republican party and get a specialist to come in and teach them how to respect their commander-and-chief

This is getting so old. I can’t wait until November 6th for all of this to be over with.

Why Can’t These People Respect the President? (Tagg Romney Wanted to “take a swing” at President Obama)

I don’t think I have ever seen a sitting president endure the amount of disrespect that the current president has to deal with now. We have conservatives that refuse to refer to the president by his title, but insist on calling former governors by their titles. We have people in congress that decide to be rude and try to cut the president off while he’s talking and then we have little lame rich wanna be bullies like Tagg Romney, who says he wanted to “take a swing” at President Obama while at the presidential debate, but couldn’t because of secret service.

I wonder what the real reason is that these people hate the president so much. Is it really because they disagree on policies? or is it something else? It just seems so much deeper than the typical liberal vs conservative battle. I listen to people like (Insert anyone from Fox News here) and I hear complete hatred in their voices when speaking of the president and I just wonder where is that hatred coming from but then I also know none of them will have the balls to say.

I just wish everyone would keep it classy and realize that an election shouldn’t be about black, white or green but about red, white and blue. If you can’t respect your country’s sitting president, then why should another country respect you?

Anyway, make sure you vote on November 6th people and check out the video of Tagg Romney below:

Mother confessed to drowning one child, shooting another

One of my favorite quotes ever hearing is “If you can’t handle being a parent, don’t make a child”.

In New Orleans a 23-year old woman is in custody after admitting to drowning her four year old daughter and shooting her three year old son. These types of stories always suck because kids don’t deserve to be hurt or murdered. Kids don’t ask to come into this cruel world and, like I always say, parents are supposed to protect their kids, not hurt them. This mother unfortunately didn’t get that memo.

I won’t sit here and judge but people please realize that the kids are the future and it’s our jobs as parents to help them be prepared for it , not to stop them from reaching it.

(New Video From WWL New Orleans)

Lottery Winner Known For Receiving Food Stamps Found Dead

Many may remember Amanda Clayton. She won the lottery a little over a year ago and, within that time, she made news because she was still receiving food stamps even though she had a million dollars in winnings. Well, Ms. Clayton has been found dead from what appears to be an overdose with her daughter next to her says

“It’s simply common sense that million dollar lottery winners forfeit their right to public assistance,” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said in a statement. “We will continue to work with local, state and federal authorities to uphold state laws intended to ensure wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”

Here is the video from when Clayton was confronted by the news about still receiving food stamps

(Source- WXYZ.COM)

New Orleans Loses Another Hip Hop Morning Radio Show and Gains A New TV Show

Word got out this week that Power 102.9 FM in New Orleans would be moving on from The Power Posse Morning Show and adding the syndicated Ricky Smiley Morning show.

While some may like this move, others have shown frustration and disappointment in losing another local hip-hop morning show in the city.

At one point in time New Orleans was known for it’s originality, but now it’s slowly becoming just like everywhere else. Personally, I don’t think I will ever understand New Orleans radio. The city should have local programs running all day and all night, but the people of the city also have to support the local programming while it’s available.

With that being said I want to give a “Posse Waaaaaa” shout out to Big Abe and DJ. Chicken and wish them good luck anything they have going
on in the future.

NBC Adds New Orleans Set Musical Sitcom

Word is also out that NBC is in the process of filming a new musical sitcom set in New Orleans. reports: “Set in musically rich New Orleans, The Swamp follows the misadventures of a scramble-style college marching band and its unlikeliest of mentors. Named after the name of the off-campus house where the band members reside, the show is described as a contemporary character comedy with social commentary and musical performances. Brady executive produces with Werner’s Tom
Werner and Mike Clements.”

I hate musicals, but I love New Orleans so I guess I’ll have to give this show a try.

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Texas Southern Marching Band Suspended for Hazing

The “Ocean of Soul” marching band of Texas Southern University has been suspended for hazing. A news release has been issued about the situation:

“While it is not known at this time how many students were involved in this incident, it is believed to involve one section of the band,” the statement said.

The suspension canceled Thursday’s scheduled band performance at TSU’s football game against Sam Houston State University.

Besides the police probe, university officials have convened along with student affairs, which will “take appropriate action,” the release said.

This incident is following a long list of problems that have been going on with the university for almost a decade. Let’s all just hope that this is a false alarm and/or a major overreaction


Parents Left Kids In The Car Sleeping While They Were In A Houston Nightclub

This is one of those stories that will have you shaking your head. Around 2 AM on Wednesday morning, the Houston police found two kids (3 and 5) in the car sleeping while their parents were in a nightclub getting loose. It’s hard to imagine that parents would do these types of childish things to their children. Well, needless to say, the police took the parents and CPS took the kids

“We located a 3-year-old and 5-year-old and they were sleeping the entire time,” said Sgt. MT Ferguson with the Houston Police Department. “Both parents are in custody.”

People should really start taking parenthood seriously. Know your role; if you’re a shitty person, then you will probably be a shitty parent. Our younger generation has it hard enough dealing with the rest of the world, so the one thing every kid should have is parents they can depend on.

Here’s the video from