From Panda to PS4: A Simple Wish List To Make Sonn’s B-Day Shine

sonn day

Well I’ve made it another year and I’ve been thinking about a few things that you all can get me to make sure I enjoy every day until my next Bday. So you know my day is November 11th but if you can’t get my get gift by then I am willing to take a rain check long as I see a down payment on the actual gift. I may a BDay wish list before and it didn’t go quite so well but I will try it again because I know you guys are awesome (Old Bday List)

Breakdancing/line dance lessons and rhythm – I’ve always wanted to challenge someone in break dancing. I don’t know if that’s still in style, but the dream is still there. Can you imagine being the reason that your friend learned how to break dance. I also have a few weddings coming up and I get tired of sitting to the side during the line dance session. I can 2 step my ass off but I want to do the bus stop.

I also want the cast of The Walking Dead and New Girl to come with Angela Bassett’s character from American Horror Story: Freak show to sing happy birthday to me while Jessica Lange 2 steps, takes shots of wine and yells out “About a week agooo” with me. My God, one of you have to make this happen.

About a week ago bday

A PS4 or Xbox1 – I’ll take either. I’ll actually take both and if you get it for me I’ll create a player on Madden named after you. I will actually name the entire game system after you and draw a picture of your face next to it.

Games for the PS4 or Xbox 1 – Yea, I know I don’t have the system yet, but hopefully the games will motivate me to motivate someone else to get it for me.

A panda – Dogs are cool in all but can you imagine how fucking cool I would look walking through the park with my baby panda on a leash and we’re both rocking shades and matching shirts? Shit would be so awesome.


A Toyota Tundra – I know the chances are slim that anyone will get me this, but what the hell. I was always told to reach for the stars right?!….right

Some studio time – Yes, It’s true I can’t rap nor can I sing. Hell I can barely talk but I think it would be so cool for my phone to ring and I answer it and say “I’ll hit you right back, I’m at the yo”. Oh and I had a dream that I made a bounce song, so it’ll be pretty dope to leave my job to spend a year or two working on that.

A personal thought reader – I’ve been forgetting a lot of my thoughts lately, so I would like someone (preferably female) to sit around me all day and read my mind so once I forget my thoughts I can just look to her notes.

A plane ticket – I hate flying but I love to travel so you can get me a flight for any day to anywhere in the country and I will definitely be there.

NBA league pass – I plan on getting this for myself but God knows if I can get someone else to up that $200 I would definitely let them. Why in the hell is that package that high anyway?

Well, that’s my list for my 2014 Bday. I don’t have a registry and I don’t mind having 2 of anything. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and I love gift cards…all gift cards; But if you have the money, just get ya boy a business loan for his own store. After all….it is my Bday. And remember, if you don’t want to get me any of the stuff on my list you can always act as if my paypal is a shirt and pin a dollar or something on it. It’ll go towards the snacks for my new panda.


In Your Head: Big Sean + The Eminem Factory

Animated Charlamagne Talks To Animated Big Sean About Working With Eminem

In Your Head: Big Sean + The Eminem Factory

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